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SIMON HOLDEN - Exercise Physiologist

Simon Holden Sunshine Coast Exercise Physiologist Chonic Disease Management Therapy

From more than a decade of being in the fitness industry I have developed a passion for working with a diverse range of individuals. Through this my passion in chronic disease management and injury rehabilitation and prevention grew and it became apparent of the need to complete further education in becoming an Exercise Physiologist. I have a passion with working with people to improve their overall health and quality of life. This includes areas of chronic disease management, injury rehabilitation and prevention, and healthy aging in the elderly. 

I have lived on the Sunshine Coast my whole life and love what it has to offer, on weekends you will find me with my family enjoying the local surrounds.  

I am passionate in assisting clients with the management of chronic disease and injury through the delivery of education and exercise from a high knowledge and professional base. Thus, allowing clients to improve their quality of life, which may not have been achievable without exercise intervention. 

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