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ERAA classes are run by our team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists providing a safe environment to learn new ways to optimise your quality of life, increase social group involvement and prevent the symptoms of chronic disease and injury.


The program is designed for Australians over the are of 65, focusing on


  • Improvement of overall strength

  • Improving stability

  • Increased joint mobility and flexability

  • Improved health outcomes

  • Decrease in pain

  • Reducing chronic health issues


Our group class setting tailors exercise to suit all individuals and their specific needs. All clients will need to complete a pre and post assessment. Twelve government subsided classes are available at all of our locations. We also complete these classes at aged care and retirement/lifestyle resorts.


• Affordable exercise classes led by University qualified professionals

• Improve quality of life and overall health

• Connect with like-minded people in a fun and friendly setting

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga
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