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Our Postural and mobility classes are programmed and run by Accredited Exercise Physiologists. These classes welcome people at all ages who needs help correcting their posture due to various reasons. The exercise prescription for these groups is particularly helpful for those suffering chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain, however, also attracts office workers and toddler mums who follow this practice to prevent poor postural habits as it shows to effectively work wonders for our joints, unloading the structures that undergo most stress in our day-to-day life. 


Our classes are designed to improve mobility and strength, involving corrective exercises for stabilising musculatures as well as teaching participants proper core activation with further provision of education around this topic to enhance overall function and optimising posture. 


Our Postural and mobility class assists in ways of: 

•    Reducing tension and pain in neck, shoulders, and spine  

•    Relieving stress 

•    Aid in fewer headaches 

•    Improving core and scapular strength 

•    Increasing lung capacity and energy levels 

•    Improving circulation and digestion 

•    Increasing self- confidence 

•    Enhancing postural awareness for daily activities and while training to prevent possible injuries 


Book in today for an initial consultation, where a thorough assessment will provide you with a start- up program tailored to your individual needs, followed by an introduction to the class environment. Services are covered and subsidised with private health rebates. 

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