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Our Parkinson’s disease classes are designed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists who are specialised in neurological conditions. The program includes “PD Warrior” type of exercises which are evidence based in providing neuroprotective, neurorestorative and neuroplastic benefits, showing successful results in reducing symptoms and slowing down the progression of disease. These exercises focus on large amplitude movements, power, and dual- tasking which challenges both motor and cognitive functions to optimise outcomes. 


What’s included: 

•    Initial assessment and consultation

•    Education, group discussions and additional resources 

•    Home exercise program tailored to individual needs and goals 

•    Weekly PD classes in a fun and supportive environment that aims to empower each person to manage and take control of their body and health


We encourage family, friends, and carers to also come along and participate in sessions for no additional fees, as well as being involved in the educational components of the program and group discussions. The classes are known for bringing a good atmosphere and are welcoming to all new members. Some participants also enjoy sitting down together in the facility’s local café afterwards for a hot beverage and a chat!


Book in today for an initial consultation, followed by an introduction to the class environment. Services are covered and subsidised with private health rebates

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