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Dislike Exercise? Here’s How to Make It Fun

Exercise is an essential part of maintaining and boosting your physical and mental health, yet most individuals despise the idea of any exercise whatsoever.

Up to 90% of people who join a week-by-week gym membership as a New years resolution will cancel their membership within 3-months of activation, and up to 70% of ongoing memberships aren't even used. The number one reason for this is many people's dislike of exercise, which generally stems from impatience for results, being bored with the routine, and going too hard too fast.

Here at SCREP, we understand that exercise may not be everyone's favourite thing to do, but we also understand the benefits to your health are important, which is why we've created a list of ways to make exercise fun.

1. Exercise with Friends and Family

The best motivator for exercise is to have company, as not only do they encourage you to keep going, but you have someone to share your accomplishments with and laugh with as you learn together.

2. Exercise with Pets

Exercising doesn't always have to be intense and hard. Spending more time doing light exercise than short and quick intense exercise is just as effective, and is a great way to move towards your goals. That's why many people opt to you walk their dogs for around half an hour a day - not only is this light exercise, but you'll feel accomplished when you see how happy it makes your furry friend.

3. Exercise with Video Games

You may be surprised to hear that video games can help you exercise, but luckily in 2022 anything seems to be possible. Whether it's dancing to your favourite songs in Just Dance, fighting monsters in Ring Fit Adventure, or virtually bowling with friends in Nintendo Switch Sports, there are endless games that transport you to virtual fantasy worlds while you exercise. Not only are these games fun, but they are a great tool to burn calories while forgetting you're exercising, as well as providing rewards you can see and save instantly. These virtual gyms are fantastic motivators for those who get bored of their routines and want time to fly while exercising.

Overall, exercise is an important part of life and it can be hard to enjoy alone. Here at SCREP, we're happy to you on your journey to be the healthiest you can be. Be sure to contact us for any exercise physiology and rehabilitation needs.



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