At Sunshine Coast Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology our team of Physiotherapist  have a through understand about the application of hands on techniques and self-care interventions, providing a platform for all individuals to live a healthly and pain free way of life.

Covered by all major health funds we have hicaps on site for access to private health rebates and Medicare referrals through the Chronic disease management plans, and yes, we BULK BILL!  Our team of experiences Physiotherapists are also reconginsed by all insurance companies for CTP, life insurance and workcover claims. They also provide services under further government agencies including the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) which you do not need a referral for and the department of Vetern affairs (DVA). Under DVA you will need a GP D904 form to complete consultations with  a Physiotherapist.

Our Physiotherapist can assist with:

  • General musculoskeletal treatments- Through assessment and analysis can provide a quick return an optimal way of life for each individual

  • Sporting injuries- Our Physiotherpasit have experience with both local and state level atheltes

  • Posture analysis and assessment- Guided prescription to improve daily living habits such as sleep and improve movement reducing pain.

  • Pre and Post-Operative rehabilitation: Structured pre-operative care to improve post-surgical procedures will have you moving again with minimal issues.

  • Neck pain and headaches-A through assessment and manual therapy techniques will provide a decrease in ongoing symptoms of pain and discomfort.


  • Osteoarthritis: Reducing pain, swelling and stiffness will all improve joint function. A guided exercise plan will increase your ability to preform daily tasks with minimal pain and suffering.

  • WORKCOVER CLAIMS/CTP INSURANCE: Working closely with multiple insurance companies our team is able to insure a safe and gradual return to work or you normal way of life.

  • Back Pain: Poor mobility and mechanical changes increased and excaberate individual with acute and chronic back pain. A tailored rehabilitation plan with self managed focus will decrease reoccurring injuries and improve function.

Chronic health conditions: With  referral from your local GP, our team of Physiotherapist are able to bulk bill your visits to improve quality of life.